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Ken Galloway
Chief creative, Lead Video Director

Ken was a journalist, writing for publications like The Toronto Star and The Post, before going to film school. After graduating, he directed over 50 music videos and music-docs for artists like Gord Downie and Nelly Furtado. Ken also worked as ghost-writer for several top commercial directors, before becoming advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather’s Head of Video Production, where he directed and produced work for some of the biggest brands in the world. Next, he spent two years in the field: shooting NGO work in Ethiopia, Kenya, India and Ecuador. Today, Ken runs Saucy Momo; a social enterprise that produces "video for good".

Connor Sharpe
Audio & Tech

Connor is one of the most respected sound engineers in Canada. Whether it’s the Juno’s, the Pan Am Games, a CBC reality show, or a Weeknd concert, chances are it's Connor responsible for the great sound you’re hearing. Connor balances tech innovation with old-school savvy to meet all of the audio needs of Saucy Momo’s diverse productions. He also leverages his technology to help create innovative production solutions for our clients. Connor is currently delving into the frontiers of “3D audio,” which he expects to make big waves in years to come.

Prasanna Paul
vfx & Motion Graphics

Prasanna came to Canada as a child refugee. Growing up in Toronto, he fell in love with movies, and vowed to make them his living. Upon graduating, he was immediately hired by  Ken Galloway at Ogilvy & Mather for his standout VFX and motion graphics work. Since then, Prasanna has grown into one of the most trusted VFX artists in Toronto. In addition to working with some of the biggest brands in the world, Prasanna has worked on blockbuster productions like Suicide Squad, Hellboy, and the Walking Dead. 

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